Mensport in the Netherlands

The sport of driving in the Netherlands has enjoyed increasing popularity for some time now. People of all ages enjoy this very diverse equestrian sport in their own way. While for some, driving means enjoying the family on a horse-drawn carriage in the countryside, for others it means competing in driving competitions.

Types of driving competitions

Driving competitions again come in all shapes and sizes: dressage competitions, skills competitions, three-part competitions that include the marathon in addition to dressage and skills, mendurance and, last but not least, harness horse racing.

Besides the forms of driving competitions mentioned above, there are also a great many drivers who take part in carriage rides with their authentic or replica carriage. Originality and 'beauty' are the main sharpshooters here.

Yet another form of driving sport is ring-stitching competitions. Ringsteek competitions are often organised by local driving clubs. As a rule, both drivers with authentic carriages and those with modern carriages take part. The modern wagons are often lavishly decorated for the occasion.

Mensport at associations

Many equestrian sports associations nowadays have a 'mentoring branch'. If you want to take part in competitions, you need to be a member of a driving association. But even recreational drivers often choose to join a driving association. Of course for the association lessons, but also for the sociability one almost always finds after the riding lessons in the canteen.

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