About us

The Menner? That's Juliette Post!

My name is Juliette Post. On this page, I would like to introduce myself to you and tell you a bit about the origins of De Menner. Together with my husband, I have bred Friesian horses for over 12 years. A beautiful breed, eminently suitable for driving, riding and dressage under saddle. For a while, I competed in single-carriage Friesian events, but at the moment, I mainly ride my two Friesians recreationally through the Veluwe forests, in single or tandem.


The Menner has everything for the mender!

Whenever I needed a new harness or other riding gear, I was surprised every time how little knowledge there was in the mainstream equestrian shops about harness and related riding equipment. Everything was mainly focused on riders and amazons anyway. If there were a few harnesses hanging in the shop, you did not have to count on advice - with a few exceptions. This actually gave rise to the idea of a shop with everything for the driver. A shop where riders are assured of the range of products they need. Where there is an understanding of 'driving matters' and where drivers can fall back on sound advice about the products, should this be needed. De Menner was founded in 2008, initially only as an online shop. The first webshop in the Netherlands specifically for drivers! Not long after, the first physical expansion was a fact. In 2011, the one-man business was converted into a VOF and De Mensporttrailer was purchased and furnished. A unique driving shop with everything you need for the sport of driving!

The Mensport trailer

During the outdoor season, The Menner with Mensport Trailer visits one or more driving events every weekend, such as dressage and skill competitions, compound driving competitions and major equestrian events and fairs, such as Horse Event and Horse & Carriage. At the Events calendar you can see which events The Horseman attends. The great advantage of De Mensporttrailer is that potential customers have the opportunity to judge the quality of the men's sports articles on offer. In this way, The Mensport Trailer supports the webshop. The presence of The Mensport Trailer at events simultaneously increases the awareness of The Menner. Thus, more and more drivers know how to find their way to De Menner - digitally or at events in the Mensport Trailer!

What our customers say about us

Harriet Schuringa

The Menner has a wide range and they think with you. What is in stock is delivered quickly and special orders are no problem at all.


Super service! Thinking along about the purpose of the items ordered and even suggesting small adjustments on that to achieve an even better/complete order.