5 benefits of pony racing

Pony driving is popular in the Netherlands.
Pony driving, of course, brings the enjoyment you experience in horse driving in a general sense, and in addition, there are a number of typical features in pony driving, most of which can also be seen as an added benefit. We list five of them for you:

  1. On average, a pony is cheaper to buy than a horse and certainly cheaper to maintain. This is an advantage that is noticeable to some extent in the wallet.
  2. On top of that, all the equipment needed for a pony, first and foremost of course carriage and harness, is somewhat smaller and thus lighter than that of a horse. So it is all a bit more manageable.
  3. In general, ponies are hard workers and strong animals. They do wagon work with great pleasure.
  4. Ponies are also agile. They make the (steering) work a bit easier for you as a driver and are a bit more manageable to control.
  5. Last but not least, of course, driving is the ideal way to enjoy a pony as an adult. And should you as a pony rider not want to say goodbye to your pony at the age of eighteen, a switch to driving is always a consideration!

Juliette Post/The Menner

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