Ideal Equestrian or Zilco

If you ask any horseman the question, "Name a harness manufacturer?" , chances are he or she will answer with "Ideal". Ideal Equestrian proves time and again that quality is excellent at a reasonable price. The big advantage of Ideal harnesses is that all parts can be ordered separately. This makes it possible to put together a 'custom-made harness' at no extra cost. If you have a large horse with a small head, it is possible to order a full harness with a cob bridle. Do you want whole blinkers or half? It's all possible. Ideal's way of working makes it possible.

Plastics specialist Zilco

When you think of a plastic harness, the word 'Zilco' probably the first thing that comes to mind. Understandably so, as Zilco is a manufacturer of plastic harnesses from the very beginning. The harnesses are of absolute top quality, low maintenance and lightweight. And the above about custom-made harnesses also applies to Zilco.

Zilco is lighter in weight and more supple. Ideal is stiffer and a bit thicker and heavier. An Ideal harness is just as heavy in leather as in plastic. It doesn't matter in weight and it doesn't look like plastic either. Ideal is cheaper. In general, a starter or recreational rider starts with Ideal and the (semi-)professional or fanatical competition rider rides with Zilco.

Juliette Post/The Menner

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