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Besides an extensive range of products, The Menner also offers some services, stemming from our expertise and experience in driving. A frequently used service is our harness fitting service. After all, a harness is a long-term investment. So you need to be sure you buy the right harness. A well-fitting harness is essential, no matter which branch of driving you practice. If a harness does not fit properly, your horse or pony will experience discomfort from the harness. Painful (pressure) spots may occur and to relieve them, your horse may walk in an unnatural way. This in turn can cause injuries. In short: choose a suitable harness! Contact us for more information.

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Frequently asked questions

Which harnesses can be fitted?

We can fit all sizes of breast harness and french harness.

How does it work?

You can use the email or the order button 'Add to cart' to request the rig pass service. In it, you can indicate your preference for day and time. We will then contact you to make arrangements. You must ensure that the horse is clean and that we can fit it in a dry place. Please note that the fitting will take about an hour.

What are the costs?

The fitting costs for the harness fittings service are € 80,- including VAT, excluding travel expenses. If you decide to purchase a harness during the fitting, you pay only €50 for the fitting service for a purchase price of up to €750. For harnesses over €750, the fitting costs are free.

What are the travel costs?

Travel costs are €0.45 per km. The costs are calculated on the basis of the calculated route on Google Maps from postcode 3772 PN to the postcode of your home address or storage address and return. In addition, any ferry etc. charges will be charged.

What our customers say about us


Super service! Thinking along about the purpose of the items ordered and even suggesting small adjustments on that to achieve an even better/complete order.

Harriet Schuringa

The Menner has a wide range and they think with you. What is in stock is delivered quickly and special orders are no problem at all.